Infrastructural Stone

In busy Europe, good infrastructure is vital for the economy. Every day, millions of tonnes of cargo and tens of millions of people make their way over the European road network, which if stretched end to end would circle the globe nearly 175 times. We take pleasure in knowing our involvement in numerous national and international projects means we are contributing to the quality and safety of roads, bridges, and underground infrastructure.


Belgian limestone is a sedimentary rock consisting primarily of calcium carbonate (CaCo3). Most grains in limestone are skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral or foraminifera.

Limestone Sand

De kleinste fractie welke vrijkomt bij het breek-, zeef- en wasproces van kalksteen. Door het breekproces is het gewassen breekzand haakvormig en daar door zeer stabiel en makkelijk verwerkbaar.

Tournai Limestone

Light fossiliferous, dark coloured tournaisian limestone from the south of belgium.

Condroz Sandstone
Sandstone is a durable, slightly porous, hard sedimentary rock extracted from the belgian ardennes.
Silex (Flint)
Silex is a natural sedimentary rock obtained during the extraction of marl in the maastricht-liu00e8ge region (belgium).
Lava is a crushed, porous, igneous rock of volcanic origin.
Dolomite is a natural stone made up of grains measuring - up to 15 mm - that has a high stability and good water-permeable properties. The high caco3 and mgco3 content and self-binding quality results in a natural, ochre-yellow semi-hard paving material.
Porfier is an igneous rock with remarkable shock, pressure and abrasion ru00e9sistance and a very high ru00e9sistance to freeze/thaw cycles.
Basalt is an igneous rock formed from the underwater solidification of molten lava.
Red Mine-Stone
Burned red minestone, produced through both the active and the passive firing of sandstone and claystone.
Sedimentary rock formed by the transformation of sandstone.
The wetlands of the meuse river (maas) in limburg release sand and gravel mixtures that are extracted at the projects of the grensmaas. This mixture is washed, sieved and possibly crushed.
Yellow Limestone
Ochre yellow, gold and beige coloured oolite limestone from the jura region of france and the gaume region of luxembourg.
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