Armour stone

Waterways, deltas, and coasts are gateways to global transportation and a source of income, yet the water also poses a threat to people and society. The Delta Works in the Netherlands is a classic example of how we can protect ourselves against water. As a provider of the armour stone used in this project, we take pride in having played a part in the safety and peace of mind of those living in our corner of the world.

Belgian limestone is a sedimentary rock consisting primarily of calcium carbonate (CaCo3). Most grains in limestone are skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral or foraminifera.
Tournai Limestone
Light fossiliferous, dark coloured tournaisian limestone from the south of belgium
Condroz Sandstone
Sandstone is a durable, slightly porous, hard sedimentary rock extracted from the belgian ardennes.
LD-Steel Slag
Ld-steel slag is a by-product of the refining process during steel production using the linz-donawitz method. The liquid slag, having a temperature of at least 1500u00b0c, is cooled and then crushed and sieved.
Silex (Flint)
Silex is a natural sedimentary rock obtained during the extraction of marl in the maastricht-liu00e8ge region (belgium).
ELO-Steel Slag
Besides steel, a lave-like material similar to natural stone is produced during the melt down of unalloyed and low-alloyed scrap according to the electric arc furnace (elo) process.
Basalt is an igneous rock formed from the underwater solidification of molten lava.
Yellow Limestone
Ochre yellow, gold and beige coloured oolite limestone from the jura region of france and the gaume region of luxembourg.
Basaltlava is the natural volcanic igneous rock basalt, in which gas formation has produced many open pores.
Sedimentary rock formed by the transformation of sandstone.
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