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Armour stone

Waterways, deltas and coastline

Infrastructural stone

Roads, bridges and underground infrastructure

Special materials

Environmental and landscape architecture



Roxx International BV produces and supplies materials for the infrastructure and water engineering sector, granulate and armor stone such as limestone, sandstone, and basalt. Located in Maastricht, in the heart of the EUREGIO and close to the German border, we are close to our customers and their projects. With our central location and good logistics, we are able to supply the required materials on time and to the desired location, whether you order a standard product or specially prepared material. We also have the flexibility and agility necessary to respond to changing market conditions and regulations, which obviously benefits you as a customer.



Structural maintenance and rebuilding of coastal infrastructure and soil protection contributes to a better environment for humans, animals, and nature. Our intention is to contribute to that work through our sustainable products and methods. That is the promise to our stakeholders and future generations. Our materials for road building and waterworks are sustainable and environmentally friendly, without compromising on quality. We also constantly seek ways to improve our methods, production, products, and logistics, so you can be sure we always comply with the latest laws and regulations. What it all boils down to? A high quality product that keeps getting better, at a very acceptable price.


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