Cadzand-Bad was one of the five sections of the “Zwakke Schakel West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen”. That’s a part of the Dutch-Belgium coastal site that wasn’t strong enough to withstand a super storm with may occur once every 4000 years. The former dams on either side of the bucking were made longer, higher and more solid. The western dam was moved westwards which has resulted in more space between the dams. Between these dams is a marina built with approximately 125 berths for yachts. It also built a modern port building on the western dam with high quality facilities. The consortium BAM and Martens and Van Oord carried out the work under the name “Combinatie Cadzand-Bad”. Combinatie Cadzand-Bad is responsible for project design and implementation.

Combinatie Cadzand-Bad

Granulate 14-32mm, ca. 5.500ton
Armourstone 10-60kg, ca 32.000ton
Armourstone 300-1000kg, ca 42.000ton

Work in progress:
May 2015 – August 2016

Photography: Huub Hendriks